Spring is Almost Here

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Home Improvement

Spring is coming upon us fast! Here is a simple set of things you can do to prepare your home.

By: Pentti Kamari

- Checking your weather sealing! The South heats up fast and when it does you want to make sure that your cool refreshing air stays inside the home. Changes in temperature cause wear with anything from caulk to stripping so before Spring is in full bloom now is a great time to check.

- Gutters, Gutters, Gutters!! Spring will also bring rain and while it's great for the lake level, it won't be good for your home if your gutters are full of leaves from the fall and winter. While most people don’t realize the damage this may cause it is a common thing we see in home inspection reports. Hire a good professional to come by and examine your gutters, to see if they need cleaning, or do it yourself, but be safe!

- I can't stress this one enough, check your HVAC system! If you've ever had to go a moment with a broken HVAC system when the summers sets you'll know that you don't want to wait till then. Change your filters and run it for a bit to make sure it's working. It's even a good idea to just get it inspected by a professional so you can go into the coming months carefree.

- Check your other systems as well. Change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. This is a simple task and gives you great peace of mind for the coming year.

Getting a head start on the coming year with simple things to check and clean around the house will be rewarding and also make your home ready to sell! With markets picking back up buyers are looking for the best of the best and small fixes bring your property above the rest.