Intriguing Parts Of Lake Hartwell

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What I love most, is the uniqueness of this lake. No two places are the same.  If you like to explore you will love Lake Hartwell with its 56,000 acres and almost a mile of shoreline that is located in Georgia and South Carolina.

What intrigued me most was the character of this lake! You can only imagine all the differences around the lake. Lots of different islands, channels, creek beds etc to explore. The lake also offers, fishing, skiing, different watersports, sailing clubs, restaurants, we have it all!!

I took these pictures of the bridge last year when heading up a small channel of the lake to a “hidden” waterfall. This is a path you can only take when the lake is close or full pool.  The bridge was quite low, but my pontoon boat made it under the bridge.

Water Shot

The sunset picture was taken on the way back from our adventure!

Come and explore the lake!!